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Interim Leadership
Do you have a critical managerial gap due to turnover? Is your customer expanding business unexpectedly and you need a leadership role filled right away? PointWell Consulting’s Interim Leadership services are second to none. From when the need arises to when the baton is passed, we are there to deliver for you.
Project Management
Do you have current business resource demands for project management services and you’re not sure where they’ll come from? Call on PointWell Consulting to oversee your short or long-term project. You’ll have an experienced, detail-oriented resource to get you started and deliver results on time and on budget. Pointwell offers project management services in Atlanta across the United States.
Operational Cost Analysis
Do you ever wonder, “where is the money going” when it seems like you’re doing all the right things? Call on PointWell Consulting to give you a detailed breakdown of your processes and associated expenditures and when we’re done, we’ll give you transparent, straight forward feedback to get you to your next level of cost containment.
Site Selection
Expanding your business? Have a critical process that needs a viable contingency plan or redundant operation? Want to put it somewhere that makes the most sense from a customer service and cost perspective? Allow PointWell Consulting to help you through that process.
Warehouse Operations
Want a fresh set of eyes on your operation? Do your planned outcomes match up to your actual execution? Whether your operation is 24/7/365 or a single shift, you can count on PointWell Consulting’s warehouse operations services to make the necessary recommendations for you to cover all your customer’s needs. Whether you need help on one aspect of your operation or a full business transformation, we are there for you.
Performance Metrics
Does it feel like you are measuring for the sake of measurement? Are you adding value or just generating fancy charts? If you’d like to make sure what you measure is a true view into what’s important day to day, let us help you. Or, if you believe you’re on the mark, but would like a validation of what you’re doing, we can do that, too. Either way, let PointWell Consulting be your metric resource.
Inventory Control
Too much of the wrong things or too little of the right things? Need an A-B-C analysis for proper operational slotting? Is managing excess and obsolete overwhelming your resources? Is cycle counting too frequent or not frequent enough? Are write-offs from loss and damage impacting your bottom line? Let PointWell Consulting assist you with these and any other inventory management challenges.
Quality & Customer Service
Is the right product in the right quantity being delivered on-time and damage free? If not, then let PointWell Consulting dig into the details. Are you customers leaving and not telling you why? Let us check it out. Then, we will report back and make recommendations on how to improve your quality and customer service performance.
Business Expansion
Are you being asked by your customer how you’re going to support their next big initiative? Are you over capacity and need overflow space? Has the clerical workload grown, but not the team to get the work done? Invite PointWell Consulting to come along side and help you evaluate what is needed.
Value-added Services
Does your customer want you to perform a kitting or sub-assembly process before you ship? You want to do that, but you’re not sure where to start? Let PointWell Consulting assess the need, layout a work area, put in performance metrics, and help you evaluate your costs. You’ll be glad you did!
Ops. Technology (WMS, TMS, LMS)
Have a technology solution to implement – Warehouse Management System, Transportation Management System, or Labor Management System? PointWell Consulting will help you manage those types of projects. We will work alongside your provider and keep it on schedule and be your voice when it comes to delivering your expected results.
Process Flow Analysis
Need a warehouse layout that makes sense for your product lines? Need a Pick-line layout that maximizes productivity? Need a work center for a Value-Added service offering? Let PointWell Consulting evaluate what you need and determine the best solution.
Lean Education
Hear a lot about Lean and wonder what that really means? Want to remove waste in your operational and clerical processes? You think that makes sense, but is it a part of your culture? From Value Stream Mapping to 6S, let PointWell Consulting educate your team and help you implement Lean into your daily activities. You’ll wonder how you ever operated without it!
3PL Provider Assessments
Need a 3PL provider? Are you wondering what the benefits are to using 3PL’s versus doing it yourself? Already have 3PL providers, but need to put scorecards or service metrics in place? Maybe you are a 3PL provider – do you want an assessment or unbiased review of your operations that will help you improve? Let PointWell Consulting be your “go to” resource.
Safety & Risk Management
Are you satisfied with your safety performance? Is safety prevention part of your culture? Do you have a good way to assess risk, in general, as part of your daily routine? If not, let PointWell Consulting perform a risk assessment that renews focus on preventative measures, works to routinize them into the daily culture, and minimizes event occurrences to positively impact your bottom line.
Greenfield Start-ups
You’ve determined you need another building to serve your clients, but you have all your existing business to run – how does that work? Let PointWell Consulting be your solution and work with your contractor from clearing the land to handing over the keys.
Human Resources
Have a lot of people to hire? Have a key managerial role to fill? Is your management to hourly ratio getting the job done? Has your business changed and your HR policies are now outdated? Let PointWell Consulting be your answer to these questions by providing the resource you need.
Transportation & Logistics
Too many carriers? Too many assessorial charges and for what? Do your transportation modes make sense for your products and customer service requirements? PointWell Consulting is here to help you answer those questions and more.

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